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What is the price for a house in Guyana?

Posted by admin on February 28, 2022

As would be expected, many variables determine the price at which a house may be sold.

While a particular price may be advertised, some sellers may be willing to facilitate negotiations. If the price is negotiable, the parties will then settle on an agreed cost.

Cost may also be determined by the value of the property, following inspection and valuation.

This will take into account any factor which may have contributed to a depreciation in value, thus resulting in a lower price, as opposed to where a price may be conversely higher, given possible renovations to the particular property. 


Where a property is located also helps in determining price.

As one can imagine, most properties being sold in affluent neighbourhoods in the capital Georgetown—such as Bel Air Park and Subryanville just to name—are sold in the hundred millions.

Cost is also influenced by furnishings and amenities—whether affixed to the land/immoveable property such as swimming pools, basketball courts and other luxurious facilities—or movable property such as home furnishings  

The size and materials—as well as type—whether wooden or concrete, are also price determinants.

These are general factors which help in determining the cost of real estate.

Where can I afford to live in Guyana – See our guide to house prices in Guyana Below

LocationType of PropertyAsking Price GYD $Notes
  Georgetown  Mansions75,000,000.00Houses in Georgetown are very expensive. In cases where the property has all amenities price is usually seventy-five million upwards depending on design, location, etc.
  Linden  House19,000,000.00House price usually starts around nineteen million with houses in Amelia’s Ward being more expensive depending on design and amenities.
New AmsterdamHouse20,000,000.00House price in this area varies. The average price starts at twenty million.
East Coast DemeraraMansion35,000,000.00Property along the East Coast of Demerara closest to Georgetown are very expensive and can sell for over thirty-five million.
  West Coast Demerara  House17,000,000.00Concrete houses in areas along the West Coast of Demerara can start from seventeen million and upwards.
  East Bank Demerara  House35,000,000.00Diamond, Eccles and Providence are highly desirable areas. House prices can vary greatly, with house prices averaging thirty million.
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